How to Identify Your Kwik-Way SVS Valve Refacer

There were several various flavors of SVS Valve Refacers over the past 30 some years. It can be a little difficult to identify which model you have.  This page will help you to determine exactly which model you have.

By far, the best way to determine which model of Valve Refacer you have is to give your serial number to the Kwik-Way Representative when you call in.  The Serial number is located above the 15-degree mark on the angle gauge of all but the very oldest valve refacers.  For most of them, there will be a letter D or S after the first letters of SVS, but some of the really old units might have a number like "KK 234".  Regardless, if you give the entire set of letters and numbers to a Kwik-Way Representative, they will be able to ensure that you are getting the correct parts or consumables for your particular model of Valve Refacer.

Here is a photo of a 2009 production serial number.

Here are some other things that will help you identify your SVS valve refacer.

Early SVSSVSII D (Deluxe)SVSII S (Standard)
Serial Numbers:202-2681SNs: 3,003-5173; 10,000(KWP) and up.SNs: 10,003-10,166
Air Operated ChuckAir Operated ChuckLever Operated Chuck
Variable Speed ChuckVariable Speed ChuckOne Speed Chuck
Aluminum Chuck CoverPlastic Chuck CoverPlastic Chuck Cover
Rubber Mat on Chuck CoverNo Rubber Mat on Chuck CoverNo Rubber Mat on Chuck Cover
Does not have a valve counter

Valve counter present

Does not have a valve counter.