The Most Powerful Flush Available 

Industrial Strength Radiator, Coolant System and Fuel Tank Cleaner. 

Loosens and removes rust, scales, grease, oil and sludge. 

Cleans auto and heavy duty truck cooling systems. 

Ceramic Motor Seal 

The Performance Enthusiast and Racer’s Choice 

Permanently seals engine coolant system leaks. 

Seals porous castings and improves heat dissipation for added power. 

Seals head and intake gaskets, aluminum and cast iron, cylinder heads and 


Added to radiator ONLY AFTER removing antifreeze. 

All Weather Seal 

The Ultimate Fix

 for Head Gasket, Radiator and Other Coolant system Leaks. 

Easy to use – pour directly into the radiator. 

Blends with coolant to permanently stop existing and future leaks. 

Ideal for the most extreme weather conditions – Hot or Cold. 

Lubricates Water Pump Seals. 

Best Practices –  

  • Be sure to read and follow the instructions on each bottle. 
  • Don’t over use. Estimate the proper amount of product for the size cooling system you  have. Adding extra amounts does not make Irontite “work better”. 
  • Flush with water frequently between processes.  After using Thoro-Flush and again after  using Ceramic Motor Seal, it’s best to flush the cooling system with water.  Because no  cooling system can be completely drained, by flushing with water you further dilute the  remaining product and get your system better prepared for the next process. 
  • Use protective materials and fender covers to keep any splashing or drips away from  chrome and painted surfaces. 
  • Proper flushing may reveal more leaks than originally seen as hardened rust and sludge  are dislodged from potential leak areas. This is normal and will allow the following steps  to further permeate all areas for long lasting protection.