1. Clean the machine thoroughly, and flush the coolant system.  Recharge the coolant, making sure the coolant ratio is 50 to 1 or 1 and 1/2 cups per 5 gallons of water. (One cup = 8 fluid ounces) Use KW coolant only- PN 000-2115-05.
  2. Always start the grind with light down pressure, let the wheel do the work.  Flood the wheel with coolant and then gradually increase the grind pressure.  DO NOT overload the wheel, as premature wear will occur.
  3. No dressing or truing is typically required.  The wheel will hold its edge even after grinding in a radius on a stepped flywheel.
  4. Let the wheel "Spark Out" without pressure for one to two minutes for maximum finish.

NOTE:  Use caution when grinding stepped or recessed flywheels.  The flywheel should be centered using a dial indicator to insure "0" radial run out.

CBN will not tolerate side impact, this will cause the wheel to break.  Wheel breakage is not covered under warranty.