Van Norman Flywheel Grinder Issue

Symptom:  Grinder was working fine and now nothing works.  It's like someone unplugged the machine.  In some cases I can press on the breaker button and everything runs but as soon as I let go it all stops.

Possible Solution:  If you are certain your main power is online, then it's most likely that the 7 amp glass fuse (looks like an old automotive fuse) located almost dead center of your main circuit board has failed.  Replace it and all should work once again.  This fuse exists on all FG model flywheel grinders in all the various power configurations available.

Also, check to be sure the Emergency Stop on the control panel is pulled out.  Some operators use the Emergency Stop to insure against accidental motor engaging while they are away from the machine.

If this doesn't fix the problem or if you have some motors that work while others that don't call for support at 800-553-5953.  Please be sure to have your correct model number and serial number when you call.