Instructions for use of the Kwick Chuck:

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface of the rotor or drum to be mounted.
  2. Install the Kwick Chuck by positioning the jaws to the center hole of the drum or rotor, and then tighten the jaws using the chuck key provided, (turn counter clockwise to tighten) NOTE: The Quick Chuck automatically self centers to the drum or rotor. Make sure the chuck is tight
  3. Install the backing plate (A) onto the machine arbor with the recess facing outboard. (the end of arbor)
  4. Install the Kwick Chuck with the drum or rotor attached (B-C) onto the machine arbor.
  5. Use the spacers supplied with the machine (D) to fill out to the arbor threads.
  6. Install the arbor nut and washer (E), then tighten against the spacers.


Turn the brake lathe on and check rotor or drum for run out, you are ready to resurface the drum or rotor. (See instructions provided with Kwick Chuck for Special Mounting steps)