Read the following instructions carefully and familiarize yourself with the illustrations prior to attempting replacement.


Remove the Disc Turning attachment and clamp stud from the rotor feed slide plate (Fig. 1).

  1. Remove the rotor feed hand wheel (A - Fig. 2) from the feed screw and remove the way cover (bellows B) from the rotor feed slide.
  2. Loosen the gib screws (C) on both the rotor feed slide and the drum feed slide.
  3. Using the drum feed hand wheel, traverse the drum bed to the extreme left end until the feed screw comes out of the feed nut.
  4. Manually remove the slide assembly from the base and lay the slide upside down on the workbench next to the machine.
  5. Remove the plastic motor cover (H - Fig. 3) then remove the motor and belt (I) from its' bracket.  Remove the bracket (J) from the slide.
  6. Remove the jam nut and nut (K) from the end of the feed screw, slip the feed hand wheel back onto the feed screw and by rotating the hand wheel, remove the feed screw from the feed nut.
  7. Remove the feed nut screw (G - Fig 1) and remove the feed nut (F).
  8. Install the new feed nut, but do not tighten the set screw at this time.
  9. Place the hand wheel and pulley onto the hand wheel end of the new feed screw.  Place a light coat of "never-seize" on feed screw threads and insert the feed screw into the new feed nut, rotate the hand wheel to feed the screw fully into the nut.  Tighten the feed nut set screw.
  10. Install the metal washer with the dished side in, then place the nylon washer over the end of the feed screw (in casting recess).  Replace the nuts (K - Fig. 2) on the end of the feed screw and adjust the backlash.  The hand wheel should have approximately 1/4 turn maximum of backlash.
  11. Replace the motor bracket (J Fig. 2) then the belt and motor (I) and adjust tension on the belt at this time.  Replace the plastic cover (H).
  12. Install the slide assembly back onto the base casting and insert the drum feed screw (L) and rotate the hand wheel to move the slide back onto the base.
  13. At this time adjust the gib screws on the drum slide and then the rotor slide.