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These are intended to help troubleshoot or even perform repairs that are fairly common things we get asked about over time. 

We have been manufacturing the Valve Refacers since 1920 and the Flywheel Grinders since 1999 when Kwik-Way Products purchased the Van Norman Flywheel grinder line. Having produced these machines for so many years there are many very old machines still out there doing their jobs.  And when they break down or have wear issues we will do our best to help get them back up and running.

Unfortunately, there is not enough need to have dedicated service centers anymore.  So we offer what we can in the way of the information provided here and our assistance over the phone. We also have a good selection of older machine manuals available online at for a small fee to cover the cost of providing that resource.

If you don't find the information you are looking for within these web pages you can search all of the Irontite, Kwik-Way, and Van Norman sites using the google engine located on this webpage. Just be aware that this search is provided by Google so they include some Advertisements at the beginning of the results that are not located on our sites.

We are always happy to help over the phone with our products at 319-377-9421 during normal business hours at central standard time. It's always helpful if you know your machine model number and serial number so we can be sure we are giving you the correct information.

Helpful Information about various Kwik-Way, Van Norman, and Irontite Products

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