Kwik-Way Self-Centering Arbors

The tapered design of Kwik-Way arbors ensures your machining operations will concur with the true centerline of the guide, because the rigid, hardened steel arbor gauges from the guide's least worn portion. Kwik-Way arbors are available in a wide range of stem diameters for your seat and guide needs.

Arbor Types..


Standard Solid Tapered Arbors come in sizes for almost all automotive applications.  Available with 7/16" or 13/32" top-size.  (13/32" is being phased out)

Expanding Tapered Arbors employ an expansion sleeve that permits the arbor to be used in guides ranging from .002" under to .008" over the arbor's marked size.
Heavy Duty Solid Tapered Arbors come with stem lengths of 6" and other sizes for International Harvester, Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Mack, Caterpillar, John Deere, and other applications.

strong>How to Determine Stem Length and Shank Length of Standard Solid Tapered Arbors:

Dimension "A" - Arbor Top Size
Either 7/16" or 13/32". 7/16" top size arbors are used with 7/16" Seat Grinder Units, and 13/32" top size arbors are used with 13/32" Seat Grinder Units.

Dimension "B" - Stem Diameter
Should correspond to the diameter of guide, at the arrow.

Dimension "C" - Shank Length
See chart to determine shank length.

Dimension "D" - Stem Length
See chart to determine stem length.

Chart of Standard Arbor Sizes

Using an existing Kwik-Way Arbor to find a guide diameter.

  1. Insert guide arbor (pilot) into guide until tight. (Arbor used must be larger in diameter than guide by .033 to .005) - Note where the arbor is tight.
  2. Remove arbor and mic with outside micrometer where arbor became tight into the guide. This finding gives you guide I.D. as well as a correct size when needed to order an arbor for that type of guide.

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